Purity of Thoughts will lead you to flawlessness of Skin and Soul – Believes in Purity.

What’s Purity ?

Purity is the quality or state of being pure. The word pure means clean and not harmful in any way i.e. it means free from dust, dirt or taint. It means free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes. A pure matter is free from impurities and toxins. It is in its absolute form. The form which can’t be mixed with anything else.

Can we achieve purity of body, mind  and soul ? Our body could be made purified when it is kept hygienically clean but could it be applied to our mind or soul?

Yes, by controlling our thoughts.

Thoughts are the substantial part of life because we run our life on the basis of what we think (thought) .

Thoughts can be Evil or Good.

Evil thoughts lead you towards the morally bad things which makes you morally reprehensible. Where there is a evil thought there is a baleful mind. A baleful mind will never able to take anodyne decisions. Baleful mind loose decision making power and lead you towards detrimental decisions.

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.

Good thoughts steep virtuous, right and commendable characteristics to your personality. Your right and benevolent mind helps you in making anodyne / fruitful decisions. Where there is a good thought there is a blissful mind. 

You can achieve balance of your life, through the combined conscious states of the heart and mind.

A blissful mind lead you towards happy soul. A happy soul person can able to feel kindness and sympathy for others, appreciate beauty and art. Such person creates an aura which attracts people with their luminous radiations. Your presence start making people happy and these positive vibes enhances your personality. This light withins you keep you glowing from inside out.


The glow and calmness inside you is visible through your face and smile. Your smile will give you a positive visage that will make people feel comfortable around you.

Purity of body can also be achieved through the healthy diet. Your body needs detoxification. In order to detoxify the body one must follow a Healthy diet which is responsible for keeping our body free from toxic poisons and harmful substances. Over-eating or over-indulgence leads to abnormality in our health. Purity of our body is attained when we remove any unwanted adulterant and pollutant from it.

Purity of our mind is achieved when our mind is naturally pure. It is free from unnatural impetus or negative emotions which hinder our steady progress. Love, compassion, piety, pity, etc are natural emotions which ensure our further growth and violence/anger, greed, deceit, rancor, etc are unnatural ones which obstruct our further growth.

All this can be attained through Self-Care. Self-care is so indispensable and essential. When you take time to replenish and pamper your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You can’t serve from an empty vessel.

Inner Beauty and Purity

After having assured cleanliness of our body, we can take the on deck step of knock back all those traits which ensure our inner purity. The following are the steps for this:-

  • When talking, try to use positive words only- If you keep on telling yourself “I can’t” then you might persuade yourself that this is the truth. Try to tell yourself “I will do my best” instead
  • Push your negative feelings away and stay focused on the positive things in life- When you’re feeling down, don’t get overwhelmed by those negative thoughts.
  • Regular exercise or Yoga-  For good mental healthit is necessary that we possess sound health keeping in mind the dictum: sound mind dwells in sound body.
  • Fill your thoughts with words that invoke strength and success- Focus on words that can make you happy and strong instead of those that can make you feel incapable or unskillful.
  • Create a positive affirmation on your mind- One of the best positive thought is to tell yourself “I deserve to be happy.” Believing that this is a reality can give you a positive outlook on life.
  • When you start feeling anxious, direct yourself to happy thoughts. Create a positive image in your mind to boost positiveness and avoid bad feelings.
  • SELF REALIZATION- It can be done through self analysis, find out your strengths and weaknesses. It helps in achieving the full development of your abilities and talents.
  • Always believe that you can succeed- Give yourself the benefit of the doubt by believing that you will succeed in accomplishing your goals.
  • Meditation and Prayer- Concentration on spiritual things as a form of private devotion to Our Creator. He is the sustainer of the universe and we cannot live apart from Him. Loving His creations is strongly associated with loving our Creator.

Instead of getting stuck on negativity, turn to positive thoughts to get you going.


It is observed that, we have the freedom of choice whether we like to be pure or evil in thought and action. We’re responsible for it all. Substitute your evil (negative) thoughts with good ones (positive ones) so you can enjoy positive outcomes.

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